The Podcast Under the Stairs – Roundtable Discussion #4: David Cronenberg (Feat. Bo Ransdell & Doug Tilley)

Welcome to the fourth Roundtable Discussion presented by The Podcast Under the Stairs.

This is a special episode, a special horror Roundtable!! Duncan is joined by special guests  Bo Ransdell of Hero Hero Ghost ShowDuncan & Bo Come Correct & The Shadcast & Doug Tilley of No Budget Nightmares & Eric Roberts is the Fucking Man.

The topic of discussion is Canadian director David Cronenberg as we look at the back-catalogue of this master of body horror and one of the most important voices in genre cinema.

Intro – 0 – 22mins 10secs

Predictions – 22mins 50secs – 25mins 35secs

1970’s – 26mins 15secs – 1hrs 51mins

1980’s – 1hrs 52mins 20secs – 3hrs 7mins 55secs

1990’s – 3hrs 8mins 10secs – 4hrs 8mins 45secs

2000’s & Beyond – 4hrs 9mins 40secs – 5hrs 4mins

Closing out the Show – 5hrs 4mins – End

Closing Song – Team Sleep – Ever (Foreign Flag)

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