Who Will Survive episode 7: Better Late Than Never, best of 2017

Join Marco and Paul on this “Better Late Than Never” special. We take a quick look at 4 movies from 2017 that consistently made other top 10s, but we hadn’t seen them. Raw, Super Dark Times, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, & Tragedy Girls are some of the best movies released last year, or are they? We give our rating on these, and keep it spoiler-free, for those who haven’t seen them. Then despite not having a ton of 2017 movies watched, we manage to piece together a top 5 to wrap things up. More movies means more breaks for Paul to play music and trailers! Hope you enjoy!




-Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Old Dirty Bastard

-Cannibals by Converge

-Dark Times by The Weekend w/ Ed Sheeran

-Deer Dance by System of a Down

-Warriors by M.I.A.

-Burn by Ellie Goulding

-Omniverse by Survive


BG and segue music by Mujo


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