VHS Life Episode 21: “Welcome Home”

Things start off with Tony finally getting to the bottom of the Phantasm III VHS destruction and John realizes how much he’s truly sacrificing to fix the situation.

Michael J is sent to wreak havoc at John’s other job, the local mental hospital, where he fills John in on what will most likely be a MAJOR change for the show. This leads to a journey through the steam tunnels to an underground shrine. The guys run into an old friend and start talking about movies the take place in mental hospitals. John enjoys Girl, Interrupted. Michael J learns the ins and outs of a frontal lobotomy, Don’t Look In The Basement, a Halloween Prequel worth watching and so much more!

So rent smart and remember, “Be Kind…Rewind”.


Unhappy Tony: A VHS Destroyed (2:17-06:44)

Annoying John/Through The Tunnels/Show Changes & More (10:26-28:21)

Exploring/Mental Hospital Movie Discussion (30:26-End)

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