VHS Life Ep. 24 “Remembering Romero”


Our fearless producer, Dave Zee, returns in hopes to fix things between John and Michael J and in the process discovers what goes on during a “Michael J Shift” at Press Play. Someone’s talking the Wonka Bars, M&Ms and other candy. Free rentals galore, weird contests, and more. It’s total insanity! John also learns that when he saw Halloween in the theater it was a digital projection and not film. Michael J has never seen Night Of The Creeps and more!

After a break, we remember George A. Romero, who was not only was the Godfather of the modern zombie but also an extraordinary independent filmmaker. We share cherished memories of how he influnced or inspired us. Our favorite films he’s made and so much more!

So rent smart and remember, “Be Kind…Rewind”.

Show Breakdown:

When A Producer Calls (0:00-2:45)

John Vs Michael J & More (9:43-46:07)

Remembering Romero (51:53-End)

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