Two Drink Minimum Commentaries : TMNT 2 The Secret of the Ooze (For Ernie Reyes Jr.)



They’re back! It’s the green machine. Gonna hit the streets without being seen. Quick question. Have you ever seen a turtle get down? ¬†We did as we watched this childhood fave of mine. Join our intrepid heroes as they search for the culprits behind their mutation, take on The Shredder and his baby creatures and go clubbing with Vanilla Ice. All this and David Warner loving pepperoni. We are doing this with a purpose though. One of the stars, and one cool dude, Ernie Reyes Jr. is having some health problems. He needs a push for his gofundme campaign for his kidney surgery. If you download this and you feel like helping out, click the link below.

Thanks for downloading and hopefully helping out.