Two Drink Minimum Commentaries : Stone Cold (1991)

2 drink stone cold

Video rendered and edited by Gill Rockatansky

Do you like leather? Do you like tattoos? Do you like outrageous bikers and the far-fetched stunts that come along with them? Then this is the movie for you. We are covering 1991’s action dynamo Stone Cold starring the skunk-mulleted, lizard loving, duster wearing and pretty boy (according to William Forsythe) Brian Bosworth! It also features Lance Henrikson as the devious biker boss Chains who Suzanne’s husband chimes in about. So put on your bandana, shine up your chrome and ride right through with another TDM commentary!

Panelists include Alex Edwards (The Skeleton Crew, Bananalaser), Suzanne Wilson Cappeletti (We Came From The Basement), Willis Wheeler (Terror Troop, Weekly Movie Podcast w/Jay of the Dead)

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The Skeleton Crew/Bananalaser/Horrorphilia

Terror Troop

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