Two Drink Minimum Commentaries : Fantastic Four ’94

2 drink ff

Do you enjoy superheroes? How about awkward blondes with daddy issues and the older scientists who creepily fall in love with them? Do you like really cheap effects including a really crappy looking waving plastic arm and repeating effect fireballs? That’s right, the same effects shot repeated over and over. Then this is the commentary for you! Join Jesse (Horrorcopia), Willis (Terror Troop), Gill (Gill and Roscoe’s Bodacious Horror Podcast) and myself as we dive headfirst into the empty swimming pool known as Fantastic Four from 1994 which was produced by Roger Corman of all people. This film is so notorious that it never had a proper release ever. So head on down to the sub-basement of the Baxter Building as we discover this lost gem as batshit crazy as it is.

Video rendered, edited and produced by Gill Rockatansky

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