Two Drink Minimum Commentaries : Dice and Duck Double Bill

2 drink Double

Strap yuprself in for another second screen experiece as we give you a double feature of two private dicks doing what they do best.  Be lord of the ladies, human or fowl, and getting into random trouble.  First up, when Rock and Roll detective Ford Fairlane gets roped into a kidnapping case involving some shady dealings with muscicians and other characters, he seems like even the Dice Man is in over his head.  With the help of his trsuty secretary and a hilarious puppet koala, he battles with like likes of Wayne Newton and horror icon Robert Englund.  All this and more in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.  Then we travel from ducks multiverses to Cleveland with Howard as he is literally a duck out of water in this George Lucas joint.  Join Howard and Beverly as they try to stop possesed scientists, duck hunters, dickhead concert promoters, the fuzz and even Tim Robbins in Howard the Duck.  Thank god for rock and roll and of course aqua net..


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