Two Drink Minimum Commentaries : Darkman

2 drink Darkman

What drives a man to wearing trenchcoats on the reg?  What can possibly make a guy this angry?  Where is he getting all the fat suits and voice changers?  You get all this and more in Sam Raimi’s action classic, Darkman!  When Dr. Peyton Westlake explodes in his lab in a coux perpetrated by a cigar smoking, finger collecting baddie known as Durant,  he is presumed dead.  What they don’t know is that his badly burned body is now impervious to pain and he has a massive anger complex.  It’s up to him to take down the baddies, save his girl and somehow make those crazy face masks last a bit longer.  Is he a bootleg Batman? Were green screen effects back in the day that bad? Are those carnival games really rigged?  He is the night!  He is Darkman!  or something like that…….