Two Drink Minimum Commentaries : Commando

2 drink commando

Are you dead tired? Did you ever want to let off some steam?  The crew does as well in this rousing commentary for a film featuring the Austrian wunderkind Arnold Schwarzenegger.  We run the  body parts flying, model exploding and  very macho Commando from 1985. When retired green beret John Matrix’s former team is getting bumped off, his daughter is put under fire when she is kidnapped by a group of baddies.  With the flight attendant Rae Dawn Chong in tow, he has 24 hours to get to South America to save the kid from a dictator Dan Hedaya, a seemingly insurmountable group of armed men and Bennett, that chain mail wearing psychopath played masterfully by Vernon Wells.  So remember to hit up your army navy store for some heavy artillery It should be an explosive time!


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