Theme Warriors #08 The Love of Inanimate Objects

Welcome back to the Theme Warriors podcast!

It’s February and love is (…..or was….we are a little late with this one) in the air. Grab your computer, brain, dead companion….and/or…..your chainsaw hooker and listen to the cast discuss four movies with very different things to say about, shall we say…..alternative objects of affection?  Gary Hill of Cinema Beef Podcast & Two Drink Minimum commentaries subs in for Jeffery X Martin this episode as we discuss The Man with Two Brains, Electric Dreams, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, & Nekromantik 2. The episode has everything you could ask for…and probably some stuff you definitely aren’t asking for.   Listen now!

Theme Warriors Cast:

Special Guest:

Gary Hill

Cinema Beef Podcast

Two Drink Minimum Commentaries

Mike Maryman
Doug Tilley
Jeff X Martin