Theme Warriors #07 Loose Change…..of Opinions

Welcome back to the Theme Warriors Podcast where we tackle a different theme every month in the form of four different (and hopefully diverse) movies.

This month we kind of went through a few changes in theme due to the longer than normal break between episodes. The theme morphed a few teams and somewhere in there we sort of made selections that that reflect the chaos of putting this episode together. The idea behind the theme is movies that changed our opinion in some way about the human condition. However, more times than not our movie picks seemed to actually reinforce some opinions and perhaps even strengthen them. That is enough explaining from me…..listen along as we discuss WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, JOINT SECURITY AREA, BEST WORST MOVIE, & SUPERMENSCH: THE TRUE STORY OF SHEP GORDON.


Theme Warriors Cast
Mike Maryman
Doug Tilley
Jeff X Martin