Theme Warriors #01 Amnesiacs

Hello everyone and welcome back.  “Back?” you say….why yes, yes indeed. You see, Theme Warriors is something old that has become something new (and improved). The “Not-So-Evil” sidecast was a project I was extremely proud of, but the title was never meant to be permanent. Turns out all it took for a proper name-change was a 6 month hiatus, who’da thunk it right?
In our big return episode we uh, well…..hmmmm. Oh wait, it’s all slowly coming back to me now. Yes…..we discuss four movies dealing with “Amnesia” in different forms. Mr Arkadin, Puzzle, Someone Behind the Door, and Morning Patrol offer us four very unique and compelling looks at individuals trying to put the pieces back together.  Now don’t you go forgetting to listen to our first episode back under the new title”Theme Warriors” and help spread the word by joining the facebook group “Theme Warriors Podcast” to share your feedback on the movies and the show!  Enjoy!