The VD Clinic Episode 9: Black Metal


Hail Satanas we are the VD Clinic.


Welcome to episode 9 of the VD Clinic. This month we are joined by Daeron Willson to discuss the film Until the Light Takes Us and the massive history of the genre, Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult. Plus there’s a big announcement at the end of the show.


Music featured in the episode:

Celtic Frost – Circle of the Tyrant
Bathory – Blood Fire Death
Burzum – Det Som En Gang Var
Arcturus – To Thou Who Dwellest in the Night
Dark throne – In the Shadow of the Horns
Mayhem – The Freezing Moon
Emperor – Inno A Satana
Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness
Weakling – Dead as Dreams
Leviathan – Within Thrall
Cradle of Filth – Summer Dying Fast
Solefald -Jernlov
Gorgoroth – Radix Malorum
Myrkur – Maneblot
Shinning – Yttligare Ett Steg Namare Total Java Utfrysning
Dark Throne – Transylvanian Hunger
Mayhem – De Mysteriies Dom Sathanas


If you’re interested in exploring the topic we discussed a bit more on this episode, we have 4 Spotify playlists specifically made for this episode:


First Wave/Black and Roll:

Norwegian Black Metal:

International Evil:

Post Black/Black Gaze:


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