The Schadecast Episode 9: The Dynamo Dabbler!



The gang is back for Schadecast Episode 9 in which our heroes get political, offer GTA: Vice City pro-tips. talk about Mario Kart 7, GTA V heists, Far Cry 4, Planetary Annihilation, Tomb Raider and the joys of PC repair, Ori and the Blind Forest, Tiger Woods Hot Shots’ Golf, PSNow, Saints Row the Third, Spirit Lords, Bo buys an Xbox One, Neverwinter, the importance of consoles in home defense, Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Never Alone, PoolNation FX, War Thunder, Loadout, Microsoft’s take on VR, Fable Legends as free-to-play, MOBAs make money (who knew?), Bo insists on getting the name of Heroes of the Storm wrong, movies on Steam, GTA V’s video editor, WTF gaming moments, favorite gaming memories, Mortal Kombat X and the number six.