The Schadecast Episode 21 – Rise of the Schadecast!



With the holidays upon us, Bo, Jon and Justin give thanks for the true meaning of Thanksgiving and talk MST3K Kickstarters, the importance of prompt vasectomies, Minecraft – you know, for
kids!, Justin rooms with CHUDs in New York, Bo’s big gay wedding adventure, the emotional ties of The Schadecast to the planet Vulcan, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars: Battlefront get no love, the Blade Runner sequel, Fallout 4 pros and cons, Justin gets all cultural at MOMA, the genuine admiration of super-difficult simulation players, Jon goes Uncharted, Justin gets Mad (Max), H1Z1 isn’t as good as DayZ, Bo raids tombs, the new Xbox One dashboard (also, backwards compatibility), another round of gamer vs. developer, a new Diablo patch lands, Fallout 4 has sold a LOT of games, Star Wars: Battlefront announces DLC season pass, gray market game keys, Half Life 2 turns 11, Fallout 4 mods are coming, your Schadecast Arkham Knight update, is this PC port of Black Ops 3 a disaster of Batman proportions (and we get joy from Black Ops 3 Steam reviews), Left 4 Dead 3 and Red Dead sequel speculation, and horror franchises that should be video games.