The Schadecast Episode 12: The Next Segment



With David on assignment in the Himalayas, we recruit new Schadecaster Justin to fill in.  In an epic two-hour show, we discuss the politics of Hell, Steven Seagal quotas, Fallout 4, Bo’s relationship with his graphics card, the state of DayZ, the trials and tribulations of running a server and story time with Jon, Tabletop Simulator and crying God’s Tears, Project Reality, Windward, Elite: Dangerous and the perils of sly girlfriends, Star Citizen controversies, You Must Build a Boat!, Massive Chalice, Dragon Age: Inquisition (yes, again), Elder Scrolls Online, Marvel: Puzzle Quest, The Last Guardian lives, New Hearthstone game modes, VR and AR gets big at E3, Uwe Boll, Valve and refunds, Steam machines, Vice City reborn in GTA V, the perks of being John Fogerty’s neighbor, and Steam Summer Sale strategies from Jon!