The Schadecast #58 – I Like to Hydrate

The Schadecast is back and Bo is bemoaning getting old, Jon is talented and Justin is getting his first taste of Destiny.  Speaking of that, we go deep on Destiny 2 and discuss the great and the frustrating with Bungie’s latest, Cuphead‘s beauty and difficulty, Heat SignatureBattlefront II  is better(ish) than the predecessor, Steamworld Dig 2 is out and it’s awfully good, the dark joys of Doki Doki Literature Club and Shadow of War.  Also, news featuring Destiny 2 banning mishaps, cheesing Shadow of War‘s loot boxes, DLC and microtransaction debates, more Hitman is coming (if you don’t mind paying for it), your PUBG minute now featuring speed-hackers, Oculus Rift gets a price slash and a new piece of hardware emerges, the Kinect dies for living people (dead people, careful!), Steam has a policy concerning your death and EvE Online‘s sexy job opportunities.

Settle in for a spooky edition of the only video game podcast you need!