The Schadecast 24 – Fly!



Our first podcast of 2016 explores taboo videos, Squad updates, Rainbow 6: Siege, Awesome Games Done Quick, Wolfriders, surfing games, Uncharted,  One Finger Death Punch, Satellite Reign, Rocket League, Destiny,  Tales from the Borderlands, Making a Murderer, Console Wars and the Sega Genesis, Jon’s talking new a PC,  playing old games, the price of the Oculus Rift is announced and it’s pricey, the HTC Vive now has a fancy front-mounted camera, lots of people have a Playstation 4, VR takes some real graphical power, Star Wars pinball is coming, some quality Terminator discussion, Far Cry: Primal doesn’t have co-op, Macho Man comes to the wasteland of Fallout 4, Activision buys MLG, Steam has some issues Christmas morning, Black Ops 3 server problems and watching games vs. playing them.