The Schadecast #20 – Fallout Eve


Recorded a scant few days before the dawn of Fallout 4, we talk Zebulonian racism, Halloween happenings and the stages of celebration, obscure Halloween costume ideas, Fallout 4 enthusiasm abounds, Tomb Raider, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Metro 2033, The Walking Dead Season One, Destiny and the Festival of Whatever-the-Fu@k, Hearthstone and the tavern brawl conundrum,  Mad Max on fire, Broken Age and Doublefine Adventures, Magicka 2 and the way to cast spells, Grim Fandango, Rock Band 4, Bo has to sell Jon on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Bo’s obsession with Dark Reign, Grand Theft Auto 5 and good parenting skills, Skyrim mods, sub-DOTA MOBAs, Lynda Carter sings for Fallout and mods will be free, Activision buys King for a whole lot of money, the Metal Gear studio closes, MechWarrior!, No Man’s Sky is really coming out and there’s a date now, Steam has a giant use base now, Playstation VR is going to launch with more than 50 games, GOG has things on sale!, Star Wars: The Old Republic gets an update, and Arkham Knight gives up on pc.