The Schadecast 18 – Long Pork




Your trio of intrepid gamers has returned to discuss video games.  And cannibalism.  This time out, Bo goes to a Star Trek convention, David’s hooking up with Tammy, the merits of Fred Ward, Metal Gear Solid V, Squad, Rockets, Rockets, Rockets, PSNow, more Comcast complaints, whore etiquette, Mad Max and Mad Max: Fury Road, Fallout 4 anticipation, The Long Dark gets an update, Out There: Omega Edition, Minecraft animal husbandry, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Tales from the Borderlands, Marvel Puzzle Quest, SOMA, The Westport Independent, Bungie pays up, Shadowplay is live from Nvidia, Oculus has a Netflix app, Hitman is delayed, Kickstarter is a public benefit corporation (whatever the hell that is), Donkey Kong world record is beaten, Rainbow 6: Siege, the Battlefront beta is coming!, Metal Gear Solid 5’s failure spectrum, Star Citizen restructures, Twitch gets direct uploads, Fallout 4 goes all democratic, TBS set to air CS: GO tournaments, DayZ gets a new helicopter, GTA V boasts sasquatch sightings, David’s favorite games according to everyone but David, Street Fighter V, the scariest games and what WE would like to see.

To see the article regarding free-to-play game data mining:

Justin’s Squad gameplay:

The Westport Independent: