The Schadecast #16 – The Trumpcast!



The biggest, sexiest, classiest podcast around is back to discuss the timey-wimey nature of The Schadecast, the proper level of stupid, hail Florida!, zombie Carl Sagan, GTA V, Squad, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the joys of SSDs, Tammy Mk. 2, Captain Forever, Rising Thunder, Punity, the wormhole, Rocket League aerial adventures!, gushing about Journey, Papers, prison romances, Victor Vran and what makes a good Diablo clone, cross-platform goodness, the inherent sorrow of the days’ end in Papers, Please!, Bo finishes Dragon Age: Inquisition, we love math, the ecosystem within Jon’s wuss, your big games don’t impress us, Bo likes the restaurant simulator Cook. Serve. Delicious!, we can’t wait for Metal Gear Online, Crackdown 3 is a thing that’s happening and has some pretty incredible tech behind it, something about the Ouya, Rare Replay, GTA V rpg and Fallout 3 Mad Max mods, Elite’s controversial new expansion, Tony Hawk brings everyone down, casual games that suck you in, and a listener gives us the business about Broforce!