The Schadecast #15 – Voluptuous Buttons



Summer doldrums?  No big releases coming out?  Let the Schadecast prove why you are wrong and you should feel bad about yourself for thinking something so stupid.  This time out, Ron vs. Clint Howard, astrophysics with the Schadecast, updated contact information, video game giveaway (no, really, right on this episode), Steam tips from Justin, things not to do with Jon, Dungeon Souls, Squad, the official Toiletry review, Fallout Shelter coming for Android, Rocket League, Jon loves Journey and wants to have babies with it, player-to-player communication in multiplayer, #sorryalbinos, more Dragon Age: Inquisition, Driveclub PS+ Edition and great car controls, Davue & Busters and horrible jokes about children, classic pinball, people bought a whole lot of those Fallout Shelter lunchboxes, Sar Citizen updates an the burden of transparency, Windows 10 and Xbox One streaming, drugs and e-sports, The Schadecast’s Deity of the Week, game theory at work in game design, the origins of Rocket League, League of Legends character redesigns, and Flash problems, the Madden football stats guy, Threes is now free-to-play, continuing coverage of CEO v. Hackers, goofin’ on Galations, the future of Nintendo, digital pricing woes, and did I mention a free game for someone who sent in a question?!