The Schadecast #14 – YEEAAAHHH!!!



In an epic-length podcast, the gang talks zombie games and Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and impromptu surgery, Dungeon Souls, ARMA III, Squad is coming, the curse of Steam libraries, Alien: Isolation,Far Cry 4 editors and Jon’s controller woes,You Must Build a Boat and toilet-related gaming, Risk strategies, when robbing liquor stores becomes passe, Rocket League,Twisted Metal needs love, CounterSpy, dog murder and great gaming deals, Her Story and contextual gaming, Mark Harmon: Pro and Con, Dolan vs. Windows 10, Bo’s pro-Batmobile stance and Arkham Knight, Broforce and the need for the quarter slot, Star Citizen delays first-person mode,PewdePie makes millions, survival games, now with dinosaurs!, Project Ascension, Jimmy Buffett and dinosaurs, Oculus says they’re making actual games, Windows 10 is free, the games we get excited about, Shenmue, superheroic games, and asymmetrical multiplayer experiences.

Tank mode!!!