The Psychosemantic Podcast EP 24: The People Under the Stairs

Welcome to ‘The Psychosemantic Podcast. Join Daeron and a revolving door of guests in discussing politics, movies, and political movies. There may or may not be humor involved. In this episode: Duncan & Smoke are back for a fourth time. This time we tackle Wes Craven’s  ‘The People Under the Stairs’. We also talk about class war, punching nazis, not punching nazis, Smoke’s love for Creed, We claim the rights to numerous side podcasts & other nonsense.

Beginning Song: ‘Let’s Lynch the Landlord’ by Dead Kennedys

Break Song: ‘I Plead the 5th’ by Masked Intruder

End Song: ‘Parents’ by Descendents

Post Show news clip: Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, Georgina DeJesus were kidnapped by Ariel Castro in 2002/2003 and held captive in his Cleveland Ohio house. Berry escaped with her 6 year old daughter on May 6th 2013 leading to the rescue of the other women and the arrest of Castro.



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