Welcome to this special Bonus Episode of The Podcast Under the Stairs.

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Welcome to another Listener Movie Club Reviews episode on this Challenge TPUTS with a cool new twist with the VS Series!!

I will pick two movies in a similar style/subgenre bracket and ask you to pick your favourite of the two and citing the reasons why. I asked you all to listen to Bonus EP57 where I introduced the movies and then asked you to pause the podcast, watch the movies then decide which was the better movie?

It was then your turn to review the movie!! You guys didn’t disappoint and this is a chance to hear what listeners chose between Gremlins (1983) & Scrooged (1988).

Intro – 0 – 8mins 15secs

Interlude Song – Gremlins Theme (Remix) – Dance with the Dead – 9mins 30secs – 12mins 30secs

Listener Reviews Pt 1 – 12mins 30secs – 27mins 50secs

Interlude Song – Santa’s Comin – CKY – 28mins 45secs – 32mins 20secs

Listener Reviews Pt 2 – 32mins 20secs – 1hrs 11mins 25mins

Closing out the Show – 1hrs 11mins 25mins – End

Closing Song – Nothings Going to Ruin My Holiday – The Vandals

A huge thanks to Don Anelli, Lee Russell, Sarah Palmer, David Garrett Jr, Gav Taylor, Daeron Wilson, Dean Martin, Ryan Jennings, RJ McReady, Andrew Neill & Paul Stevenson for sending in reviews and making this TPUTS Movie Club totally BITCH’N!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from Under the Stairs!!

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