The Morbidly Made: Episode 45 – Top 20 Horror Female Leads and Villains!



Show Breakdown:

Michael J wants to see a darker, angrier side of Kasey, but no matter what she still sounds so pleasant. Kasey saw The Kingsman and Samuel L Jackson’s lisp was highlighted. Dave is in love with Sons Of Anarchy, Kasey is deep in Dexter, and Michael J is all about The Lazarus Effect. Dave watched the bonus features on Scream Factory’s Halloween 6 Producer’s Cut Blu-ray and Danielle Harris’s issues with the plot are discussed, along with our thoughts on Michael Myers taking Jamie’s virginity.
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Jacket Audio Minute

Two Top 20 Lists are discussed, Female Horror Leads and Female Horror Villains. Do you agree or disagree with the lists?
Thanks for listening and enjoy!
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