The Morbidly Made: Episode 44 – Morbid in the Morning



Show Breakdown:
We start our first ever morning show with Real Life Horror that involves conflicts between Michael J and the DVR. Then we get into David Cronenberg’s The Brood, Kasey is loving watching Dexter on Netflix, Dave is on a horror documentary kick, and Michael J gets excited when Dave mentions seeing a doc that talks about Donald Pleasence in a villainous role. All that and more highlight this segment!
After a break, we get into the 2011 Lucky McKee film, The Woman, in celebration of Women In Horror month. Kasey and Dave are shocked to hear Michael J’s take on the film. They then try to get him to see the light and realize that The Woman is a cinematic masterpiece.
We wrap things up with Alien 5 and explore ways the franchise can continue without ignoring the events of Alien 3. Ghostbusters 3 will apparently happen someday, which leads Michael J to get into his fantasy of living in a world of Slimers, and a crazy admission. Child’s Play 7 is coming and we’re all excited and Wolf Creek is getting a miniseries. You won’t want to miss this!
Thanks for listening and enjoy!
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