The Morbidly Made: Episode 43 – A New Beginning!



Show Breakdown:
Alex from The Skeleton Crew joins us for the first segment to help introduce the NEW Morbidly Made to an all new audience. Michael J discusses how it felt to finally be able to talk to his idol on Episode 101 of The Skeleton Crew. Who would you save if Donald Pleasence and Danielle Harris were drowning and you could only save one of them? Kasey is disappointed with Halloween 4, meeting Danielle Harris and so much more start us off.
Before we get into our discussion of Disturbing Films take a trip back to 2012 to hear Alex, Michael J, and Dan as they talk A Serbian Film.
Made Member Cody Robinson joins us to talk disturbing films. A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust, Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer, and more are discussed as we take a journey to the dark reaches of the mind.
Jacket Audio Minute
We wrap things up with shit talk and news. Paranormal Activity 5 is coming, which leads us to talk about the strong films of certain franchises, the next Friday The 13th is moving to May 2016, and a reboot of The Ring spawns a discussion of how the Japanese series RINGU can continue.
Thanks for listening and enjoy!
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