The Morbidly Made: Episode 39 – Slashin’ Ain’t Easy


Things start out with Michael J’s newfound love for Sons Of Anarchy, especially Ron Pearlman’s face. Kasey saw Dumb & Dumber To, while John’s viewing choice, Big Hero 6, is mocked. We also get into tales of afternoon delight and whether or not certain relationships are wrong. This segment wraps with a discussion of the classic anthology film from 1982, Creepshow.
We then sit down with Russell Hillman of Freaktown Comics to talk horror comics and his latest project, Slashermania. Check out the links below for more info.
Things wrap up with news. Michael J’s Campout Nightmare 5 turns 20, and John rips him for his lack of current news. All that and more on the way out there episode!
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Show Breakdown:
–Open/Creepshow Review (2:06-28:31)
–Jacket Audio Minute (29:02-30:34)
–Russell Hillman [Slashermania] (31:15-59:43)
–News (01:02:10-End)