The Morbidly Made #38: Heretic Witch Bitch


John, upset with the over use of Donald Pleasence in the Halloween episode, decides that Michael J cannot mention him for the foreseeable future. Everyone’s Halloween was discussed including John’s day after Halloween Evil Dead marathon. Ouija starring Olivia Cooke of Bates Motel is discussed, Michael J likes the Woman In Black 2 trailer, Kasey talks American Horror Story: Coven, and since we’re talking witches, Lords Of Salem is reviewed.
Then, Crystal Kelly Watts, a natural witch, joins us to discuss the differences between white and black magic. She gives advice as to how to get into witchcraft and a real life experience she had with astral projections.
Inspired by The Entity, John wants to get Michael J a sexual spirit so he casts a spell that might do more harm than good. Finally, we wrap up with news. We talk the upcoming Summer Camp video game and much more!
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