The HorrorBull Podcast Episode 75: The Demon’s Rook

HorrorBull Demon's Rook

The musical Chess reimagined for a new generation.  Told from the chessboards point of view, this rook has had enough of the pawns and queens and knights and kings and bishops…  One Night In Bangkok?  No, one night in Hell!!!  Featuring a cover of the Yes song “Your Move” by King Diamond!!!  Shit, The Demon’s Rook is really good but this version I’ve described may be better…  I’ll be right back, time to write a script.  Have at you Final Draft!!!

Stick around until the end for an interview with The Demon’s Rook Cinematagrapher and Producer Tim Reis.

Do yourselves a favor, come see this film, along with The Babadook and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 40th Anniversary print, at The Frightening Ass Film Fest 4!!