The HorrorBull Podcast Episode 148: Last Shift

‘Last Shift’ happens to be one of those horror movies that slipped by us upon release. We’re glad we finally got around to watching and reviewing it, because it turned out to be a completely pleasant surprise for most of us (except Lona).

It centers around Jessica, a cop on her first night of active duty, guarding the local police station as it is shuttered for a newer one opening in another part of town. Then, things get super weird, as Jessica starts receiving calls from a distressed young lady, who seems to have no interest in calling a working police station.

It’s a fine movie, especially when placed against its contemporary movies with a wide release. It easily stands toe-to-toe with movies like ‘The Boy’ and ‘The Forest,’ as far as recent horror flicks go, and the acting and effects do the movie a great service.