The HorrorBull Episode 141: The Forest

“You can’t see the forest for the trees and you can’t smell your own shit on your knees”
-Marilyn Manson

The Forest smells like shit. Yes, Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney are amazingly attractive. Yes, Japanese suicide forests are scary. So why can’t the two combined make a better movie? I don’t know but you can hear us hash it out in this episode!

The movie’s based on the Aokigahara Forest, at the foot of Mount Fuji, and it truly is a thing of beauty and horror.

You’d probably get more creeped out by checking out the actual place, so don’t rely on this kind of tired J-horror movie to get your ghost. It is a largely unsuccessful attempt to rekindle the Americanized J-Horror we relished from the mid-oughts, like The Ring and The Grudge.