The Food Chain Episode 2: Razorback

On this episode of The Food Chain, Cootie and X travel to the middle of Australia with our most excellent guest animal expert, The Wych! When The Wych isn’t waiting for the next end of the world, he’s helping Cootie and X navigate their way through the godforsaken center of the heart of darkness. Thrill as we all geek out over Iva Davies! Find out what an Uluru is! Marvel at how long a man can remain lashed to the top of a windmill! It’s The Food Chain’s extra special look at Russell Mulcahy’s 1984 Ozploitation classic, RAZORBACK!
[Check your earbuds for spiders before inserting them into your side face holes.]



1 Comment on The Food Chain Episode 2: Razorback

  1. Hi X and Cootie,

    I hate to disagree with Cootie, mainly because I think she’ll hunt me down. Canada is big so caution to the wind. In the beginning of the Razorback episode Cootie said that everything in Australia isn’t trying to kill you. That’s not quite true…insects, arachnids, birds, reptiles, mammals, marine life, pretty flowers, the happy little trees, the land you walk upon and the air you breath all defiantly trying to kill you. Old age is defiantly not trying to kill you in the land down under.

    Keep up the great work! And I hope I can evade Cootie until the next episode.


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