The Bird and The Beard : #12 Chicken Run/Little Monsters

Bird Beard #12 Art


The Bird and The Beard are back with two childhood favorites!  Are you seeing the crazy generational gap??!!  As you see, I got about a decade on The Bird!  First up, we go to the farm when an evil egg farmer has other plans for out animated friends that involves mass genocide???  They try to make their escape in Chicken Run!  Then, we go into the land of disfigured juvenile delinquents and cause some mayhem!  This one makes The Bird and I question what we would do if we had too much time to do too much fun.  Join Fred Savage and Howie Mandel as they take on daylight and insane super bullies in Little Monsters!  Come over the fence and under the bed!  It’s gonna be a good time!


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