Opera Omnia – Episode 3: Manhunter


Welcome to Season 1 Episode 3 of Opera Omnia Podcast, the podcast that dedicates every season to a incredible director and works through his/her Opera Omnia (or body of work) one movie at a time.

Join your hosts Andy Blockley and Duncan McLeish (formerly of Doing the Nasty Podcast) as they take an in-depth look at some of the best directors in cinema history with Season 1 exclusively looking into the filmography of Michael Mann.

On episode 3 the guys look back at Manhunter (1986), Mann’s adaption of Thomas Harris’s best selling novel Red Dragon. This movie is quite possibly the most Michael Mann movie that Michael Mann ever Manned!! Brian Cox as the first on screen Hannibal Lekter (thats right…they chose to spell it with a K), William Peterson as Will Graham and Tom Noonan as the Tooth Fairy!! Terrible fashion, so much blue hue and a score that sounds like Tangerine Dream without actually being Tangerine Dream.

Movie Rating is 1-10


Duncan – 9

Andy – 8

Each episode we will ask the question, is this the best movie in Mann’s back catalogue and as of episode 3 we agree that Thief retains its position as the best Michael Mann movie at the time of 1986. We will see how long this holds out.

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Join us in 2 weeks time when we look at Mann’s next movie The Last of the Mohicans(1992).