“Not So Evil” Sidecast #23 Spoof-A-Rama

Welcome back to the “Not So Evil” Sidecast!
 On the April edition of the sidecast we decided to have some laughs covering four different spoofs in the vein of Airplane, unfortunately not all of these offered tons of laughs. These four movies range from excellent, to absurd, and of course all the way to painful. Iris is out this month so we have Mark Ball from the Midnight Horror Show filling in. (Check out the Midnight Horror Show, why don’t ya!) Find out which movie made us laugh, which made us groan, and which made everyone yell at Mike (again).  Sit back, relax indulge in your favorite adult beverage while we discuss STUDENT BODIES, BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH, REPOSSESSED, and DARK & STORMY NIGHT
Mike Maryman
Doug Tilley
Jeff X Martin
Mark Ball