• The Top 10 Horror Movies of 2017 -   The past couple of years have been absolutely outstanding for horror fans.  From the artful It Follows and The VVitch to popcorn crowd-pleasers like the recent It, there have been reasons to get excited about the state of horror in the 2010s.  Perhaps it’s an effect of the tumultuous nature of national and global events, or merely that the pendulum has swung back toward horror in terms of public interest, but horror hit the mainstream big in 2017.  Enough crowing, let’s get to the best!   10. Capture Kill Release None of this should work.  A found footage movie about a couple planning their first murder feels leaden, an idea too schlocky to be effective.  And yet…  Jennifer Fraser (playing the character ‘Jennifer’) is a revelation as a woman who has too-long fantasized about murder, set free to pursue her dark passions by a milquetoast boyfriend (Farhang Ghajar) who is content to play along.  At least until Jennifer is drowning cats in the sink and inviting homeless guys over for poison pies.  The central premise illuminates both characters and their uneasy alliance, as well as drives the film toward a rote, if violent, conclusion.  While not perfect by any means, the effects [...]
  • Bo’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2016 - Before the calendar turns over one more time, let’s take a final look back at the year that was.  I have to say, there has been an embarrassment of riches in 2016.  From arthouse wonders to surprise box office smashes to straight-to-video gems, I can’t recall a more exciting time to be a fan of horror films.  There are so many ways for creators to get their vision on the screen, the horror genre as a whole has become a wonderfully diverse realm.  So, enough jibber-jawing, let’s talk movies!   10. Southbound I’m a sucker for a good anthology.  Southbound is uneven, and I think the framing story is the weakest of the lot, but that doesn’t diminish the unsettling weirdness of this movie.  The whole thing has a somber, dischordant tone that breeds anxiety.  The centerpiece tales of a girl band being seduced by a nice, wholesome family is like mental fingernails on a chalkboard (in a good way!), an indictment of “family values” and rural homogeneity I really like.  The adjacent story is all about a man trying to follow the instructions of a sadistic doctor over the phone as he treats a girl struck by his car.  The [...]
  • ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ – The Game -   H.P. Lovecraft’s brand of cosmic horror has been enjoying a renaissance, so it’s really no surprise that his work has found its way into games.  From the pixelated Eldritch to tabletop games, Lovecraft has engaged the public consciousness in a way old Howard himself could never have imagined.  Little surprise, then, that his seminal work is being adapted for a first-person video game experience.  Developed by Team Clockworks, At the Mountains of Madness  is described thusly: At the Mountains of Madness is an indie PC game based on the novel by HP Lovecraft, currently under development.  You play in first-person perspective as geologist William Dyer, a professor at Miskatonic University back in the 1930’s, who hopes to deter a planned and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica in search of undiscovered fossils and zones unexplored by man. The game is being developed with the Unreal Engine 4 and will be available for PC/MAC/Linux, using latest technology like Directx11, physics / wind / ragdoll system, post-processing effects and lighting.  Fight against the elements and explore ancient lands and antarctic landscapes, find dark caves and ancient alien dungeon labyrinths while trying to survive in a realtime 3D action adventure in search of undiscovered [...]
  • Netflix Gobbles Up More Horror – ‘Under the Shadow’ Next! -   Netflix continues to snatch up what seems like every indie horror movie for its streaming service.  The latest is the Iranian period piece, Under the Shadow, which is set to premiere at the Sundance Film festival’s Midnight section.  The plot centers around Shideh, a woman left alone with her daughter, Dorsa, while her husband is fighting in the Iran-Iraq war.  As the bombs from Iraqi air raids fall nearer to her home, Dorsa exhibits signs of illness and further disturbing behavior. Netflix will have all streaming rights to the film which they purchased ahead of the Sundance premiere.
  • ‘Blue Ruin’ Director’s Next Film Looks Awesome, Too! -   Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin is a wonderfully tense, meditative story of redemption and violence.  With this new trailer for his next film, Green Room, it doesn’t look like that was a fluke.  I wonder if he’s planning to include a color in every film title?  
  • ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Remains a Mystery -   In a statement to Collider, J.J. Abrams says they “wanted to make a blood relative of Cloverfield.”  While that can mean all kinds of things – an alternate story set during the events of the first film, a different kind of monster movie, a thriller with sci-fi overtones? – what is sure is that there’s now a trailer for the movie, releasing in March.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Abrams’ films, you put John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the same movie and you’ve given me a compelling reason to get on board.  Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think this is…  
  • Trailer Lands for ‘The Final Project’ -   I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for these movies where kids run afoul of the supernatural.  So, here’s another one, done all indie-like.  Read on for synopsis and trailer! Six college students have organized the ultimate graduation project… a documentary film about one of the most notorious haunted houses in America, the Lafitte Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. A Civil War landmark with a dark past, complete with stories of mutilated soldiers, murdered families and restless shadows roaming its abandoned corridors… no one has entered Lafitte in years- until now. Outfitted with high-tech recording equipment in order to capture every moment of their great adventure, these intrepid young filmmakers bravely venture deep into the misty backwoods of Louisiana. But on this plantation that time has forgotten, something evil still waits and watches. When darkness falls, their deepest fears come to life, as one by one they’ll learn the horrifying truth that awaits all who dare seek the secrets of the Lafitte Plantation. The dead are awake, and there are some places the living should never go.  
  • A New Goat-tastic Trailer for ‘The Witch’ Has Arrived! - One of the most buzzed-about horror releases has released a new trailer dripping with creepy atmosphere and goats.  I, for one, am very curious to see if this can possibly live up to the early hype surrounding the film.  
  • ‘OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!’ Is a New Horror Movie - Who wants some more meta-horror?  Then behold the official synopsis and trailer for the upcoming release, OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!:   In the tradition of Scream and Tucker and Dale vs Evil comes OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!, available this month on VOD from LeoMark Studios. Seven friends find themselves trapped in a horror movie in Ajala Bandele’s very funny and somewhat frightening love letter to the genre. A movie about “What if’s” What if your life suddenly became a horror movie. Who would you play? What if your role was taken? What would you do. This is a horror comedy that answer those questions for seven “lucky” people who get to see what they would do. Brendan Mcgowan, Sharon Mae, Shanna Malcolm, Nils Janson, Chris Hampton, and Ajala Bandele star.     Thoughts?
  • Devour the Podcast 115: It Follows -   Welcome to Devour the Podcast 115.   Due to some unforeseen fuckery on the part of our recording software, you might notice some segments seem cut short. This is completely by accident and due to shitty software.   Bo’s gone and Jamie and David soldier on watching Rec 4 and It Follows.   NEWS: -Leatherface is going to be a brutal road movie, because this prequel can’t get any worse right? -Arrow’s Hellraiser Scarlet Box sounds awesome! -Full Moon to release Puppet Master 4 on Bluray   It Came from the Instant Queue: REC 4: Apocalypse (2014)   David: 2.5/5 Jamie: 2.5/5   Our Feature Presentation: It Follows (2014)   David: A Jamie: A Motherfucking +   Next time: We’re tackling Joe Dante’s Burying the Ex for It Came from the Instant Queue and Creep for our feature. Email us at : or   Call Us: 760-661-7280   Follow Us on Twitter: @Ddellamorte  or @maven1974 or @LastBlogTweet @BoinTN and @WhatsBoWatching   Like Us on Facebook:   Join the Group:   Subscribe on Itunes-Search Devour the Podcast   Visit the site-   Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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