Legion Quickie : Max’s Violent Lady Roadshow

Legion quickie Fury Road art



Grab a lager and your furiosa and listen to this not so quickie.  Seriously, it’s almost an hour long.  I am joined by my furiosa being Creepy Kitch’s Cindy Kinnard.  She’s got red hair so that makes her extra fiery.  We are talking about George Miller’s Gibson-less sequel or follow up of whatever it is in Mad Max : Fury Road.  Join Max as he battles fiberglass plated baddies, chome teethed psychos, mouth guards, pregnant harem chicks, bald chicks, old dusty chicks and a whole lot of tricked out vehicles in this action epic.  We get into the role of the female in action movies, how Max should just be happy being badass and how being a permanent wet nurse could be the worst possible fate for my beloved co-host.  So spit some petrol in your engine, eat a gecko and get on your fancy desert motorcycle.  Should be a fun ride!