Kiss the Goat Episode 20: John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness”


Quantum physics? Homeless people? MOUTHWASH? By the gods, it’s all here on Episode 20 of KISS THE GOAT! Follow along as X and Cootie, your Demonic Duo, tackle one of John Carpenter’s most controversial films, PRINCE OF DARKNESS. What will your High Priest and Priestess of Satanic schlock cinema make of the Anti-God? Tune in and find out. Also: ASK THE GOAT, lots of talk about bugs, and a new segment! Tune if for MR. ROBERTSON’S NEIGHBORHOOD, where we subject ourselves to the wit and wisdom to America’s favorite crazy person, the Reverend Pat Robertson. How can you resist? YOU CAN’T. Shove this into your earholes right away!