Kiss the Goat – X & Cootie Get in the Mood



Hello, Acolytes!


Your Demonic Duo has been taking a wee bit of a break in between series of KTG, but we got a wild hair (like we do) and have come up with, well, we’ll call it a “mini-sode.” No Satan in the News, no Ask the Goat, none of the stuff you usually get to hear, BUT…

This is unscripted, uncensored, barely edited and totally drunk.
We think you’ll like it.

The topic is Movies that Get Us in the Mood for Halloween (While Not Necessarily Being about Halloween). That’s a long fucking title, though, so we just called it “X & Cootie Get in the Mood.”

Shove us into your earholes for half an hour so, won’t you? We promise not to wiggle too much.