Kiss the Goat – The Lost ASK THE GOAT



Here’s another fun-sized episode for y’all.

The ASK THE GOAT segment is one of the most enjoyable parts of the show for us, simply because it can get wild. Nothing is scripted or censored, and of course, we don’t have any kind of filter, so we love to answer the questions our Acolytes send us. It’s also a segment that highlights our listeners! We’ve always felt we have some of the greatest, smartest, funniest fans in the world, and this part of the show lets us interact with them in a way other shows would never allow. It’s just a lot of fun for everyone, and that makes us happy.

We managed to salvage the ASK THE GOAT segment from the Great Lost Episode of the show. As we continue to put Series 2 of KTG together, we present this small section simply because it’s a hoot.

Enjoy, y’all!