Kiss the Goat Episode 5: The Exorcism of Emily Rose


Just when you think you’ve got X and Cootie figured out, they flip the script like Kris Kristofferson on set with Michael Cimino. In Episode 5, your High Priest and Priestess of Satanic schlock cinema come face to face with Scott Derrickson’s “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.”
It kind of fucks them up a little.
If you’ve ever had questions about your benevolent hosts and why they choose to do what they do, this episode may provide some answers. Childhood traumas come to light as they debate the movie that rebooted the exorcism genre for a entire generation.
No news. No drinking games. Just a serious discussion of a serious movie. Do you dare enter Episode 5 of KISS THE GOAT? Only the download numbers will tell…