Kiss the Goat, Episode 44: Messiah of Evil


We let Chef Al program the show and things went insane! Rescued from technical difficulties, recorded twice, and hours spent editing and rebuilding from the ground up, this is the episode the Universe did not want you to hear. But you know what we say here at Kiss the Goat, right?
“Yes, sir, the check is in the mail.”
That’s… that’s right, isn’t it?
Join X, Cootie, and Chef Al as we discuss unnecessary consonants in first names, the inherent terror of voiceovers, and Sammy Davis Jr. We check in with our old buddy, Bob Larson, in our Get Your Exorcise segment. And Ask the Goat goes totally off the rails. Oh, yeah… there’s a movie, too. We talk about Messiah of Evil, written by the same folks who brought you the Howard the Duck movie. It’s bananapants¬†insane.
If your earholes are empty, be like Carrie White and plug ’em up with this episode of Kiss the Goat!