Kiss the Goat Episode 42: City of the Living Dead

Welcome back to the Online Shrine of Satanic Cinema as Cootie, X, and Chef Al take a maggot-filled gander at Lucio Fulci’s absurd classic, City of the Living Dead. Dead priests! Demon zombie ghoul things! Christopher George! What else could you possibly¬†ask for from a movie?

[please don’t say logic please don’t say logic please don’t say logic]

Also on this episode, fancy people perform an exorcism on Boss Nass, Chef Al actually says the word, “thalamus,” and, surprise of all surprises, Cootie and X have been hitting the rum.

How does City of the Living Dead perform during Three Questions? What amazing queries did the listeners send in for Ask the Goat? What horrible song will Drunken X sing at the least appropriate time?

The only way to find is to unctuously slither this show into your earholes, which are on the sides of your face, like flames.