Kiss the Goat Episode 38: Hellraiser


Welcome to another episode of Kiss the Goat! This time around, Cootie and X try to wrap their arms around Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. Is it a Devil movie, or just a glorified BDSM show? We know the answers, and so do you. Look into your heart. You know it to be true.
You’ll also get to hear a man possessed by a Muppet, a funky fresh Ask the Goat, and we’re joined by Chef Al for a recipe that straddles the line between pleasure and pain. And what do Christopher Reeve, Christopher Lambert and Linda McMahon have to do with Hellraiser? Not much, for sure, but that doesn’t keep us from talking about them! Hang on to your butts and gently insert this show into your earholes! You’ll be moderately surprised that you did.

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  1. Voodoo_Gremlin // December 14, 2016 at 5:53 pm //

    Hey Cootie & X

    I love your series. I also love the first 2.5 Hellraiser movies. I have a very thinly justified theory about the Cenobites and that they never broke their deal with Kirstie. The theory comes from one of the hosts of the Night of the Living podcast, credit where credit is due. When Kirstie leads Frank into the attic and Pinhead & company show up and are ready to take Frank to Hell again Pinhead tells her “This is not for your eyes” essentially telling her to leave she is free and clear of them. However, Kirstie, the bright light that she is, turns around to see Frank get pulled apart. To the Cenobites this is Kirstie saying that she really summoned them honestly and she really wanted to go with them and she was just being a “tease” this whole time.

    Are you guys going to go back to the list of Banned American Christian films? They were excellent episodes and an interesting change of pace.

    Any who all the best of the season and Happy Saturnalia,


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