Kiss the Goat Episode 33: Carrie



Cootie and X continue their voyage through the land of Condemned Films, stopping this time in 1976 to go to prom. That’s right, it’s Brian De Palmas’s Stephen King’s “Carrie,” in all of its full-frontal, blood-soaked glory. I mean, you’ve seen “Carrie,” right?


Oh, dude. You’ve got to see “Carrie.” Then again, X and Cootie spoil the shit out of it on this episode, so you should probably get your priorities straight.

Singing! Bleeding! Singing! It’s true. This may be the most musical episode of KTG. It may also be the longest. And also maybe the funniest. That’s arguable. Subjective. You should find out for yourself.

There’s also questions, answers, quanswers, and Sin’s got Satan in the News for your ass. But don’t listen to it with your ass. Listen with your face ears! And how do you do that? Simple.


I guess that should be, “plug THEM up.”
Ears is plurals.