Kiss the Goat Episode 30 — Psycho (1960)


Have you ever heard of the League of Decency? Certainly not something we would normally be involved with, but for decades, they policed motion pictures even more strictly than the MPAA. They had the power to rate films “C — CONDEMNED.” What kind of movies did the LOD hate so much they felt the need to condemn them?
Let’s find out!
On Episode 30 of Kiss the Goat, your High Priest and Priestess of Satanic Cinema take a slight detour and start a series on the condemned films of the League of Decency, starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho! There are no sacred cows on Kiss the Goat, and X & Cootie still give it the business.
Also: Sin returns with a super-segment of Satan in the News, we take the Demon Test, and Cootie has an announcement concerning our web presence. We also use terrible language, put forth unpopular opinions, and make strange sounds with our bodies. Doesn’t that sound like how you want to spend two hours? It sure does to you!
Lube up those ear canals and slowly ease us into them! It only hurts for a second!