Kiss the Goat Bonus Episode: Interview with Claudio Simonetti


Hello, Acolytes.
It’s been a while since a full-blown KTG episode, and I hate to leave y’all hanging without new material this long. So while we’re working on another top-notch batch of hilarious Satanic radio theater, let me give you something you just might enjoy.

Back in the late spring, I got the opportunity to interview one of the founding members of Goblin, Claudio Simonetti. I was a shambling mess talking to the guy. He’s one of my musical heroes, for crying out loud, and there I was in my expensive recording studio (I mean, bedroom) in Knoxville and there was the guy who helped write the soundtracks for Deep Red and Suspiria and did the entire score for Demons by himself, for cryin’ out loud. It’s amazing I didn’t cry while speaking in tongues and shitting myself so hard, it flew up my back like a fucking solid geyser of shit.

That’s gross. Sorry.

I transcribed a portion of this interview for an article at Popshifter in celebration of the remastered reissue of the Demons soundtrack on Rustblade Records. The rest of it has just been sitting in my hard drive, waiting for… I don’t know. Godot. Something.

So here you go, Acolytes: my unexpurgated interview with living legend, Claudio Simonetti. Warning: I am a bumbling, stammering fool in this interview. Claudio, however, is a gracious human being and one of the nicest “famous people” I’ve ever spoken to.

Enjoy this bonus, and we’ll have a new episode out soon.

Hail Satan,